Routine appointments are available every day in the morning and afternoon. Medical emergency appointments are also available every day in the morning and afternoon.
If you need an urgent appointment you will be seen as soon as possible that day. Please help the receptionists by telling them whether or not your problem is urgent.

Please note that usually there is not time to deal with more than one problem during a single appointment.

If patients arrive late for appointments this can cause significant disruption to surgeries.

If you are late you may have to wait until later on during the surgery or, if very late, you may be asked to book another appointment. Even if you are late, we would never expect or ask patients to return another day if they have a medical complaint that needs dealt with the same day.
The surgery is open continuously from 8.00am-6.00pm for telephone calls, open to personal callers between 8.30am-6.00pm.
Doctors are usually available for telephone advice (0141 451 0610/0620) daily. Practice Nurses are also available for telephone advice (0141 451 0610/0620) every day.
The GPs consult between 9.00- 11.00am and 2.00-6.00pm. If you have not been seen at the surgery for three years (or one year for those over 75) you can request a check-up appointment if you wish.
Routine appointments can be booked via the secure online services , as long as you have registered for access.

Home Visits

Requests for home visits should be made before 11am.

House visits are only available for those patients who are housebound because of illness or disability or at the discretion of the doctor. 

After making your request for a house visit, you may receive a telephone call to gain more information, be given advice or even arrange an alternative such as a District Nurse or an ambulance. This enables us to efficiently visit housebound patients before afternoon surgeries commence; late requests clash with afternoon surgeries, and will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.