Non-NHS Work

In addition to the NHS work which we prioritise, we are able to provide some Non-NHS services, for which fees must be paid. The fees below essentially only cover our costs in undertaking such work.

Payment is required in advance of work being undertaken.

We do not provide any form of note certifying "fitness to..." As GPs we are generally not able to comment definitively on whether or not someone is fit to undertake a specific activity, even with the benefit of knowing their medical history. We can provide factual statements of current and past medical complaints where required.

​We do not complete passport countersignature forms or Power of Attorney forms.

Below is a list of commonly requested items of work which are not covered by our NHS commitments, along with the fees we charge.

Please note that non-NHS work can be declined by the practice. Any complaints about non-NHS work are not subject to the usual NHS complaints process, but will be dealt with internally.

TRAVEL CANCELLATION FORM                                                       £20
CAMP AMERICA (or Similar)                                                                £30

BRIEF FACTUAL STATEMENT                                                            £20
e.g. in lieu of "Fit to" note
Print Out Without Nurse Input                                                            £10
Schedule Complied by Nurse                                                            £20
ADOPTION MEDICAL                                                                           £120
Please  fill out the form IN ADVANCE of your appointment
and bring a urine sample to the appointment
HGV MEDICAL                                                                                       £100
Please fill out your part of the form in advance of your appointment
and see your optician for the eye examination part of the form.

FORM REQUIRING EXAMINATION                                 £50+ Dependant on                                                                                                             detail of form and time i                                                                                                     involved
Fee set by Data Protection Act                                        £50 for copies involving                                                                                                      paper records
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN LETTER                                             £20